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ECON Underwater Pelletizing System EUP 10

for laboratory applications

Pelletizing Unit

die plate unit and hydraulic lock

For safety reasons the hydraulic lock is covered.

ECON Underwater Pelletizing System EUP 1500

with automatic compact band filtration system

Flash is required!

ECON Underwater Pelletizing System


ECON is the leading provider of underwater pelletizing technology with thermally insulated die plates. The die plate is fixed on the heated carrier body. The thermal insulation ensures that the melt in the die holes will not "freeze". ECON pelletizers are not sensitive to fluctuations in output, thus making the pelletizing process extremely reliable and guaranteeing high operating efficiency.

In addition, the compactly and clearly designed ECON water treatment and drying system is an effective solution for drying the pellets. The continuous filtration of process water ensures low maintenance requirements. Because the pellet dryer is easily accessible and free of dead spots, material or color changes can be done quickly. The complete pelletizing line can be easily adapted to different production conditions, thus increasing your flexibility.


  • all thermoplastic materials can be processed
  • push-button start - automatic, fast and safe
  • no "freezing" of die holes due to the thermal insulation
  • CECONID┬« die plate - highly wear resistant for a long useful life
  • constant pellet quality
  • smallest possible pellets, even micro pellets
  • compact unit, minimal space requirements, simple handling
  • minimal energy consumption - highest energy savings
  • optional components for your individual requirements
  • low labor and maintenance costs
  • bypass piping not required, less water loss
  • continuous process water filtration, optional with automatic compact band filter
  • easily accessible pellet dryer, free of dead spots for simple and safe cleaning



The underwater pelletizing system consits of a polymer diverter valve, a pelletizing unit, a water treatment and drying system and an electrical control system.


  1. When started, the melt flow is directed downwards by the polymer diverter valve. Once a constant melt flow is given, the stream is redirected and the die plate is rinsed with melt.

  2. As soon as the melt is continuously emerging from each hole, the stream is once again directed downwards. The die plate is cleaned and the pelletizer housing is fixed to the pelletizing head by means of the hydraulic lock.

  3. Afterwards, the melt is directed to the pelletizing head with the die plate installed, and the emerging melt strands are pelletized under water. The pellets are then moved to the water treatment and drying system by the process water. The separator then removes any potential lumps.

  4. In the pre-dewatering unit, the pellets are separated from the process water and conveyed to the centrifugal dryer. The centrifugal forces in the dryer and the special arrangement of the blades propel the pellets upwards and simultaneously separate the residual water via screens.

  5. The pellets exit the system at top and move on to the next step.

  6. The process water is collected in the water tank, filtered and recirculated to the process. A cooling circuit with plate heat exchanger is integrated to control the process water temperature.




Generally, ECON's underwater pelletizers are offered in combination with the water treatment and drying system (EWT).


Underwater PelletizerWater Treatment
and Drying System
EUP 10EWT 1101 up to 30 kg/hr
EUP 50EWT 1902 up to 150 kg/hr
EUP 150EWT 250100 up to 450 kg/hr
EUP 400EWT 350-4300 up to 750 kg/hr
EUP 600EWT 350-6500 up to 1,350 kg/hr
EUP 1500EWT 400-15800 up to 2,500 kg/hr
EUP 3000EWT 400-301,800 up to 3,500 kg/hr
EUP 6000EWT 500 with S+L DHL 7253,000 up to 8,000 kg/hr

 *The above-mentioned output ranges are reference values for standard pellets. Throughputs always depend on material properties and pellet size and therefore, they may deviate on an individual basis. Normally, for micro pellets the throughputs are lower.


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