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ECON Continuous Screen Changer ESK

ECON Continuous Screen Changer


The continuous double-piston screen changer allows screens to be switched out during operation.

  • all thermoplastic materials can be processed
  • optimal design of the melt flow way - short melt residence time
  • low pressure build up - to prevent thermal variations of the melt
  • no dead spots for fast changes of material and color
  • operational reliability and long durability


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Normally, the melt is spread over both pistons, each containing one screen pack. After a defined maximum pressure is met, one piston is moved out hydraulically and the screen pack can be changed. Meanwhile, the complete melt is directed over the second piston. After exchanging the screen pack, the piston is moved back and the production process continues. Afterwards the procedure is repeated with the other piston.


The continuous screen changers are available for throughputs up to 6,000 kg/hr.


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