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Micro pellets

There is a growing demand for micro pellets as an alternative to powder. For example, they are used for rotational molding or masterbatch production. For producing micro pellets, ECON’s technology provides major advantages. Specifically, ECON’s “thermal insulation” technology provides benefits in processing by preventing a freezing of the melt in the die holes.

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Hotmelt applications

ECON is the leading provider of underwater pelletizing technology with thermally insulated die plates. The die plate is fixed on the heated carrier body. The thermal insulation ensures that the melt will not “freeze”.

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ECON crystallization system for PET applications

At temperatures above 70 °C, amorphous PET pellets tend to stick together. As this attribute is not conducive for further processing, the pellets are transformed into a semicrystalline state. Therefore, ECON provides an economical solution: the ECS.

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The safe pelletizing of high-tech compounds

The production of compounds made of different materials opens up opportunities for plastic applications that go far beyond the pure polymer. This is especially true when inorganic materials such as graphite, ceramic or glass are added.

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More efficient masterbatch production

Only a combined number of strong arguments could convince a family business with 90 years experience in paint processing to question one of its proven small-batch production methods and to actively test an alternative method - yet this is exactly what the masterbatch specialist Deifel in Schweinfurt decided to do.

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Simply Complex

Weißkirchen/Traun / Austria – 15,000 tons of plastic compounds, 100 of different polymers, 1,000 tons of color and additive pellets, special products such as cork compounds or masterbatches in order to produce antibacterial products. That is Horst Müller Kunststoffe GmbH in Lichtenfels, Upper Franconia.

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