ECON - Pyrolysis Furnace EPO
Thermoplaste und Spezialanwendungen

Pyrolysis Furnace EPO

The ECON pyrolysis furnace was developed for environmentally friendly and gentle cleaning of extrusion and filter parts. Thermoplastics and mixed plastics are removed under vacuum without any cleansing agent at a variable working temperature. Sensitive parts are protected due to the precision setting of the temperature. Your advantage: fast, cost-effective and residue-free cleaning for an extended lifetime.

  • gentle removal of thermoplastic materials and mixed plastics
  • extended lifetime of tools and filter parts
  • environmental safety, TÜV-certificate
  • easy handling and highest reliability
  • low-maintenance, oil lubricated vacuum pump
  • no process water necessary
  • no emissions because of activated carbon filter
Sammelbehälter für Kunststoffabfälle (links) und Filtereinsatz für Abgase (rechts)collecting tray for plastic residues on the left and cartridge filter for exhaust gases on the right
Beschickungsraumcharging chamber
Pyrolyseofen EPO 1200Pyrolysis Furnace EPO 1200


After opening the furnace lid the working chamber is charged from above. Dies and screen parts can be placed on the freely accessible drip grate or be placed in baskets in preparation for the cleaning.

After the start of the cleaning cycle the temperature in the working chamber is raised gradually and the vacuum pump evacuates the air. Once the necessary working temperature 1 has been reached, the polymer residues run into a collecting trough beneath the unit. Once the working temperature 2 has been reached, the incineration (pyrolysis = decomposition without oxygen) of the residues occurs on the parts to be cleaned.

The gases produced during the process are collected and cleaned by a specially developed “absorber” allowing the exhaust air to be discharged directly to the environment.

On completion of the process cycle, the cleaning process is terminated automatically. The cooled steel parts are cleaned of any residues by means of compressed air without impairing the structure of the material. The controlled temperature progress during the cleaning process prevents warping and loss of strength in the cleaned parts.

The use of an oil-lubricated vacuum pump minimizes running costs as no water treatment (cleaning) is required.

On request we will be happy to arrange a visit to one of our customers. Additionally, a test run with your material in ECON’s technical centre is possible.


EPO 100
Ø 214 x 263 mm
725 mm
100 kg
EPO 300
Ø 280 x 580 mm
700 mm
300 kg
EPO 600
Ø 360 x 680 mm
900 mm
600 kg
EPO 1200
Ø 440 x 780 mm
1.100 mm
1.200 kg
EPO 1500
Ø 600 x 1.600 mm
1.100 mm
1.500 kg
EPO 1800
Ø 900 x 1.600 mm
1.150 mm
1.800 kg


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