ECON - Vibration Drying System EVS
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Vibration Drying System EVS

Especially for materials with high filler content (e.g. with glass fibers or with mineral fillers), the vibration drying system is an excellent alternative to the standard centrifugal dryer. The gentle drying of the pellets ensures little wear and a low amount of fines. A residual humidity as low as 0.05 % can be reached.

EVS VibrationstrocknungssystemVibration Drying System EVS


The vibration drying system consists of two or three sequentially arranged vibrating screens. The first stage serves for dewatering the pellets. In a dehydrator, the pellets are separated from the process water before they enter the screen. The process water is cleaned by an automatic band filter and recirculated to the process.

In the second stage, the pellets undergo further drying. Electrical damping registers are installed under the vibrating screen to generate a warm stream of air through the screens.

An additional stage can be installed to treat highly hydroscopic materials with even more stringent requirements for residual humidity.


The ECON vibration drying system is suitable for throughputs up to 3,000 kg/hr.


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