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Pellet Dryer S+L

ECON's pellet dryers, S+L, can be combined with the ECON water treatment and drying system, but they are also suitable for stand-alone operation. These dryers are often used in the recycling industry to dry bulk or mill material or flakes. These centrifugal dryers are characterized by their compact design and sturdy construction. Depending on the temperature, size and structure of the material to be dried, residual humidities between 0.1 and 0.5 % can be attained.

  • compact design and sturdy construction
  • high throuhgput
  • gearless drive for maintenance-free operation
Granulattrockner, S+LPellet Dryer S+L


The granules/water mixture is supplied to the drying chamber through the inlet case, which is incorporated as a sieve in the bottom. The granules are collected in the drying chamber by a rotor equipped with blades and are spirally conveyed upward through the sieve basket. The water is collected by bouncing and rolling the granules frequently on the sieve basket. The dried product leaves the dryer in the airflow through the tangentially arranged nozzle on the dryer top cover. The water outflow takes place through an outlet in the bottom of the housing or in the housing side.


S+L 360 D
approx. 500 kg/hr
S+L 470 D
approx. 1.200 kg/hr
S+L 530 D
approx. 2.500 kg/hr
S+L DHL 725
approx. 10.000 kg/hr

The pellet dryers are available with different input systems and/or several optional components (such as sound insulation), depending on your requirements. In addition, special gas or explosion proof and wear-protected designs are available.


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